Founded on the philosophy of bonding culture with technology, Tract 9 is dedicated to supporting disruptive innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, culture, and technology. It occupies 7000 SF of dedicated studio, workshop, social, and presentation space.

Tract 9 houses and powers leading cultural incubation groups like b current in theatre production and IndieFilmTO in independent filmmaking. Tract 9’s own Artist Dev program nurtures emerging artists from the GTA and beyond.  Tract 9 is backed by professional media agency 9PROX.

What makes us different?

Tract 9 is a spin on the incubator model adapted for our cultural context. Tract 9 combines collaborative creativity with community conscience and entrepreneurial drive. In between social enterprise and business incubator, Tract 9 provides programs for a diverse range of artists and innovators.



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